Talent Acquisition

Attracting, acquiring, onboarding, developing and retaining high-performing talent.

Organisational Performance

Aligning business strategy and individual goals, to ensure organizational high performance.

Employee Empowerment

Empowering your workforce with holistic performance and personal development coaching and leadership development

The Human Element is a firm that harnesses and develops potential

We provide solutions that are impactful and effective.

Our goal is to help businesses thrive through the effective, efficient and impactful management of the people (human resources) systems and processes in their organisations.

We specialize in helping you harness and develop the Human Element in your organization to effectively and impactfully align goals and achievements between employee and employer.

Having a wealth of experience in end-to-end Human Resource Management with small, medium and large businesses in local, multinational and governmental sectors has developed our in-depth understanding of HR requirements in organisations.

We know the benefits of having effective, efficient and impactful HR practices leading to long-term benefits, growth and prosperity. We can help you achieve the same.

What People are Saying About Us

Elin provides an essential service that is absolutely for essential for any jobseeker and people wanting to advance their careers. What a fitting name, The Human Element!

The questions asked by Elin about my career progression and objectives were almost enlightening and critical to ensuring that my CV is responsive to potential employers and most importantly that same is in line with my career objectives

Elin is absolute an professional in her approach towards her work and prides herself on consistently delivering high quality

Elin did not just produce outstanding results under challenging circumstances  – but always made sure that there was an understanding of the core issues.

Elin is not afraid to make hard decisions, and always focused the team on achieving results

Elin expects the same level of passion and drive towards ‘people-centered’ results that she brings to her work from her colleagues in the workplace.

Firstly thanks for all your advice I just wanted to let you know that *Sarah made the changes to her CV that you suggested and she took some of the steps you advised and has managed to find a job. She got a two year internship, where she will also complete her masters degree. Your help was invaluable.

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