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With the current unemployment rate souring and the continuous pressures placed on this industry to provide a positive customer experience, The Human Element will aid organisations to achieve its strategic objectives by sourcing experienced professionals who are able to partner with and assist organisations in achieving its objectives.

The expertise embedded within the organisation spans over a number of years and we aim to use methodologies that are unique and efficient in providing the Human Resource Management services, and ensuring that organisations have a capable, skilled and experienced workforce.

We look forward to doing business with you and assisting you with Harnessing your organisation’s Potential through its human capital.

Talent Acquisition and Placement

Human Resources Consulting

Performance Management

Talent Management

Selection and placement of Learnership and Bursary candidates

Workplace Readiness Workshops and Assessment

About us

The Human Element (Pty) Ltd was established in 2015 as an idea borne from attempting to address unemployment and skills gaps in the South African context.

The Human Element is a Human Resources Management Consulting firm which provides services to the Health and Welfare sector by focusing on Human Capital Development through supporting a broad range of organisations in achieving its Human Capital Objectives through creation of employment, employment of a skilled workforce, talent pipelining and acquisition, and human capital management and development

Human Resources Consulting


Talent Management


Talent Acquisition & Placement


Performance Management



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Our Duty


Through servicing our clients, The Human Element (Pty) Ltd envisions a global society where youth unemployment is totally eradicated; critical and scarce skills gaps no longer exist and organisations operating within the Health and Welfare sector (and related industries) are capacitated at full potential with quality, high performing and client focused human capital, in order for the business to achieve its objectives.


  • To become a world renowned provider of Human Capital for the Health and Welfare sector (and related industries)while ensuring that all youth in under developed communities are provided with the resources to make informed career choices and thereby decreasing youth unemployment


  • * Quality and efficiency in how we service our clients
  • * Respect for our clients needs and values
  • * Transparency in how we share information to build and maintain trust
  • * Client centricity by building, fostering and maintaining relationships with all our stakeholders

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We look forward to doing business with you and assisting you with Harnessing your organisation’s Potential through its human capital.

To fill your next vacancy, manage your current or future talent, or for human resources consulting services, contact