What does it take to engage your employees?

Imagine a workplace that is filled with thriving employees, each diligently carrying out their duties. When you look around, you see happy faces, you hear wonderful stories of success, and achievement. You get a sense that everyone feels recognized and content, people have a sense of belonging, pride and overall alignment to a purpose.

When these things happen, it will manifest in an organisation that is performing well, meeting customer expectations, gaining market share and increasing profits.

The question is though, can this be achieved by ALL organisations? I think the answer is a definite YES. This kind of performance is not only reserved for the few elite TOP EMPLOYERS.

In thinking of ways this can apply to your organisation, what you have to consider is trying to understand what makes it possible for “those” organisations to achieve that status. And when you learn and understand how they do it, you can model it (not imitate) in your own organisation.

You can start by asking: What does it take to have such an amazing work environment? Who is responsible for defining and driving this kind of culture – is it Management, Executives, and HR working collaboratively? Is it the employees themselves who create this kind of culture? Or, could it be that everyone’s values are aligned with that of the company they work for?

What if we considered the possibility that to get to this state in an organisation, all of these things apply. And perhaps one way to get there is to tap into the existing potential of each and every employee and think about ways to engage with them on a deeper level by asking questions to find out:

  1. What is important to them (values)?
  2. What drives them (motivations) and
  3. What do they need to be able to perform at their best (resources)?

I am of the view that when you find the answers to these questions and you’re able to create an environment that meets these “needs” – You will be one step closer to creating a high-performance organisation that employees will feel proud to be employed by. When they feel proud, they will tell others about it and you will see it in how they perform their duties and how they treat customers.

We have to remind ourselves that people make an organisation, and not the other way around.

In your organisation, who will be the champions to start asking questions and being purposeful about creating a culture and environment where employees are motivated and driven to achieve success because they have alignment with the values and mission of the organisation.

At the Human Element, my goal is to help your business thrive through effective, efficient and impactful management of people systems and processes. I understand the challenges businesses face when it comes to managing business outcomes through people (having more than 10 years of experience in human resource management across small, medium and large multinational organisations; and as a business owner myself) and I know the benefits of having impactful HR systems that aid in achieving outcomes, motivating, inspiring and engaging employees.

Contact me at elin@humanelement.co.za | +27 60 970 9455 to talk about your Talent Acquisition and Management, Human Resources and Employee Coaching needs.

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