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It’s easy to compare ourselves to athletes, celebrities, authors — even experts in our respective fields. Because they’re at the top of their game, it seems natural to assume those who accomplish great things were born to be extraordinary. That achieving greatness was somehow pre-destined for them. Yet, we’re all unique and we’re all wired […]

How to inspire your employees.

What if, every single day, the employees in your organization charged through the door, looking forward to giving and doing their best? Every year statistics show that more and more employees are disengaged, unfulfilled and unhappy at work. We know all too well that this results in poor performance, absenteeism and an unhappy workplace culture. […]

What does it take to engage your employees?

Imagine a workplace that is filled with thriving employees, each diligently carrying out their duties. When you look around, you see happy faces, you hear wonderful stories of success, and achievement. You get a sense that everyone feels recognized and content, people have a sense of belonging, pride and overall alignment to a purpose. When […]

How to attract and harness talent with an EVP

Talent Management has become a buzz word over the last few years, with many companies looking at various ways of attracting, engaging and retaining talented professionals to help their organisation achieve its business goals. In my view, the most crucial factor to attract, engage and retain talent is for an organisation to create an Employee […]

How to attract the right candidate for the vacant job

Every now and then, it’s important to evaluate and assess your recruitment efforts over the past year and look at ways to enhance your efforts in the month, quarter and year. Let’s consider a few matters to help you with this evaluation. Have your recruitment efforts changed during this talent scarce marketplace? Have you amended […]